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new york roads

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now i wanna know what you all honestly think about the whole coilover suspension kits on ya cars....even if u not from new york ???

what are the best or would u all recommend to get good handling and comfort from the ride??

[Modified by ruderacer, 9:45 AM 2-12-2002]
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Re: new york roads (ruderacer)

i dont have coilovers...but all i gotta say is this.....hard or soft is up to you and really is no huge problem , i have a stiff setup on my car and i got used to it......just dont expect to slam the car with coilovers in nyc.
Re: new york roads (MyBlackGti)

oh ok .....thanks man
Re: new york roads (ruderacer)

Nothing too low with all the pot holes, bumps..and rough roads. I have H&R sports springs with bilsteins, and it rides good.
Re: new york roads (vwjettagl1992)

I have weitec 60mm with bilsteins and occasionally i hat bumps that make my cd player skip, Its a lil harsh but you get used to it , If i got coilovers id definatly get ones with dampening adjustments so i can dial them to be not so harsh.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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