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newbie amp question

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ok so i'm kind of new at this whole sub/amp thing. but i'm trying to build my self a little system to go inside of my golf. well i've purchased 2 1200 watt sony exploode 12 inch subwoofers, and i'm looking for a sony xplode amp that i will use to power these subwoofers. i won't play this music particularly loud, and i'm not interested in winning any shows, with that said, i would like an amp that i COULD potentially use to push my subs to there full capacity. so the RMS for these subs are 400 watts at 4 ohms. so i don't understand the specifications that some of these amps put out. can some one help me understand them? for instance, can i use an 800 watt amp wired at 2 ohms? do the ohms (which is impedance, i believe) have to match the amp and the sub?
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Re: newbie amp question (fieromerk)

if u ran an amp thats rated at 800watts rms at 2ohms and u run it at 4ohms u'll get 400watts or opposite 800watts at 4omhs well give u 1600watts a 2ohms.....just get a could mono sub amp rated a 400 - 450watt rms at 4ohms
Re: newbie amp question (evi1gtiguy)

so would that mean that the Sony Xplode XM3001SXD amp would do? it's a 600 watts by 1 channel amp at 2 ohms.
Re: newbie amp question (fieromerk)

quote:[HR][/HR]so would that mean that the Sony Xplode XM3001SXD amp would do? it's a 600 watts by 1 channel amp at 2 ohms.[HR][/HR]​
If your 2 subs are 4ohms each,you can wire them in parallel for 2ohms.Then the Xplode will do the 600w.
Re: newbie amp question (MADBUG)

would you go for another amp or r u keen on that Sony. . .? consider the MTX 500D mono sub amp. . .I have MTX and it delivers well + it's on sale at Crutchfield.
Also, don't forget power cables, I got new cables for sale-check sig
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