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I'm going out to an autocross for the first time this weekend and I have a couple questions so I can be prepared. I've read all the novice autocross guides I could find on the net and still had a few concerns.
I know you have to have all loose items out of your car and I even read that you should take your floor mats out. Do I need to take them out even if they have those clips on them to keep them in place and do I need to take stuff out of my glove box. Also should I take out my spare tire when I get to the track?
I read you need to make sure your battery is secure, is the stock battery box good enough to pass inspection?
Do I need to have vinyl or magnetic letters or can I bring some shoe polish and write my number on my window? or will they have something I can make a number out of?
Lastly, if I'm going to need to take all this stuff out of my car, do I just leave it in the parking lot somewhere, what do most people do?
Thanks for your help, sorry for all the questions.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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