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Re: Newbie Info (beach_dub)

All non secured items must go. I never empty my glove box and only remove my floor mats if they ask me to do so since they are secured in place and cannot creep behind the pedals while I run.
Your stock battery location is fine, as long as its not loose, just check by trying to move it.
Get some low tact tape, it works best (blue painters tape). It wont leave any goo on the doors. Otherwise I would avoid using shoe polish, even a contrasting color of "window chalk" is a better solution if you can find it. But tape works just as well and costs much less.
The location is usually pretty safe. But I suggest you empty out valuables you dont want or need at the autocross, leave it at home, then there is less to have laying out at the event. As for the rest of the stuff, you shouldnt have an issue. I usually leave my camera locked in my car when I am not carring it. When it comes time to run, I leave it with someone I can trust since I know people, but when I was first out I would just put it in a place that wasnt obvious for theft, never had aproblem.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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