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Ok I've got a MK3 GLX with the BOSE Premium Sound system and the 6-Disc Changer in the trunk.
So my changer takes a dump on me (actually more like 2 years ago). I've been looking for a suitable replacement but can't seem to find one. I COULD get another "BOSE CD Changer" but I'd rather get something a tad better. But not much works with the BOSE Head Unit.
So my other option would be the get a new headunit. This way my options for compatible CD Changers opens up a bit as well.
My question is: How well will the factory Bose wiring work with aftermarket head units and/or CD Changers? I've read somewhere that Bose setups are finicky and are a bit odd when it comes time to find replacement parts and such.
Thanks in advance (for both the replies and for not flaming)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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