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[Newbie] Wheels, tires, shocks for an A2 8v GTI from stock

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Hey guys, first time in the suspension area... I've got a stock 1986 8v GTI that I want to do some running gear mods with. For one, with the Vortex discount direct through Ronal, I can pick up a set of Ronal LS ACTs (15x7") for $99 each. Then through the Tire Rack I can get a set of Dunlop SP Sport 8000s for $79, but not sure on Vortex pricing through that. Then H&R Sport Springs for $179, Tire Rack as well (do we get discounts on that through the Vortex too, or is it just wheels and tires?). My main question is, is it ok to put the H&Rs on my ride with the stock shocks and struts? I won't be upgrading the shocks for at least a year if not two (the front shocks were replaced a couple years ago with OE Boges). Please help!
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Re: [Newbie] Wheels, tires, shocks for an A2 8v GTI from stock (M this 1!)

Should I replace the shocks then as well? Does that meant the struts should go too? I'm trying to avoid an entire suspension reworking if at all possible! Also, after further research I think I'm going with the Kumho ESCTAs or however you say it- they seem to be highly regarded and clean up the Dunlops and Pirelli's both in comparison tests on TireRack.com... and you can't beat the price!
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