The next Golf R will be a surprising beast, Jost Capito, head of R GmbH, told Motor Trend. Along with some evolutionary changes, there will be plenty to talk about.

As you might expect, Capito called the next Golf R a “real driving machine” and added that there would be lots of small improvements and even that it would have some tricks up its sleeve, using “technology nobody expects.”

Unfortunately, Capito wouldn’t cop to exactly what those were. He did, however, confirm that it would not be hybrid technology. Development costs simply wouldn’t allow for it.

The only reason the Touareg R was able to use a hybrid drivetrain was because it shares a platform with the Bentley Bentayga hybrid (among others), so R didn’t have to foot the development bill.

Capito argues that R GmbH wouldn’t have been able to afford to get an appropriately powerful hybrid system in the Golf R, which sounds a bit like a burn to the Golf GTE.

The R was expected to be unveiled at Goodwood this summer, but as with everything these days who knows when delays will hit.