If you follow us on social media, you know that we recently took delivery of a new project car- a MK7 Golf R.

2015, Oryx White, 6sp manual transmission. The goal of this project is to build the perfect track car/street car combination with the latest and greatest Volkswagen has to offer. Power, handling, braking, styling- this car will have all of them in spades as we collaborate with some of the industries top brands on this project.  This thread will serve as the story of this car's evolution.  If along the way you have comments or questions, do not hesitate to chime in.

Chapter 1: Suspension

golf r2

Suspension tuning isn't just for improved looks and optimized handling through the corners. Adding a performance suspension system to your VW also improves overall chassis dynamics and limits weight transfer under acceleration and braking. This means making the most out of your available power and doing everything better: Acceleration, braking, handling and overall response.  With that said, our obvious starting point with this project will be to upgrade the entire suspension system.  With regards to parts selection, our choices should come as no surprise: NGP Type 1 coilovers, SuperPro front and rear sway bars, and Tyrolsport was kind enough to provide a prototype MK7 Deadset kit for the build.

golf r3

The Coilovers

It was a foregone conclusion for us to choose our Type 1 coilover system for this project. When selecting a coilover system that offers high-performance handling without sacrificing ride quality, our Type 1's are perfect choice for those looking for track and street performance. Knowing our Golf R will spend as much time on the streets as it will turning laps on the weekends, a coilover system that will accommodate both is a must.

The twin tube, low pressure shocks and progressive rate springs in our Type I coilover system, when paired with SuperPro front and rear sway bars, allow for adaptability on differing road or track conditions without sacrificing handling or ride quality and accomplishes this without blowing your budget.

If you would like to browse our selection of our Type 1 coilovers click here.

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Sway bars, End Links, Control Arms

We've been installing SuperPro products on our cars and our customers' cars for some time, so choosing their 26mm and 24mm sway bars front and rear for this project was a natural choice.  Suspension adjustability is paramount for this project, and SuperPro's sway bars offer two different stiffness settings that afford us all the adjustment we need to dial in our car for the track and the street.

SuperPro 26mm front sway

SuperPro 24mm rear sway

golf r6
golf r7

To work in concert with the uprated sway bars front and rear, we've also fitted SuperPro's adjustable front sway bar end links and solid rear end links.  When lowering your vehicle for track use, stock end links just won't cut it, and the SuperPro pieces are built to withstand abuse at the track while still maintaining a comfortable ride on the street.

But the crown jewel of the SuperPro upgrades installed on our Golf R are the control arms. When we say they are better than the OEM stamped arms in every way, we mean it: The SuperPro control arms are lighter than their stock counterparts, come pre-installed with SuperPro bushings front and rear, offer up to 2 degrees of negative caster and 0.5 degrees of negative camber, and feature "anti-lift' geometry.  What does all that mean? It means better steering feel and a vast traction improvement.

SuperPro adjustable sway bar front end links

SuperPro rear sway bar end links

SuperPro control arms

golf r8

golf r9

golf r10

Tyrolsport Deadset Kit

The last piece of the suspension puzzle for now is Tyrolsport's Front Deadset kit. Still in development, Tyrolsport was kind enough to send down a prototype kit for our project. Much like Tyrolsport's other Deadset kits. Installing this kit will drastically improve your car's handling both under spirited and normal driving. Braking feel is also improved with much better pedal feel and control.

golf r11

golf r12

Final Thoughts

We've covered a lot of ground with this first round of upgrades and it shows: This car is planted when taking corners at speed, body roll is all but gone, and turn in has greatly improved.  And the best part? Our Type 1 coilovers soak up the bumps with ease. All of this translates to a comfortable and controlled driving experience.

We will be back soon with the next stage of our Golf R's evolution. Stay tuned.

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