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**NGP Racing** USRT throttle body flanges + Snow performance water/meth = easy reliable power

USRT throttle body flanges make it easy to add a high-quality Snow performance water / methanol injection system to your VW or Audi. Just take off the throttle body and swap in the flange with the included hardware and new gaskets, install and go!

-Mk5 FSI USRT throttle body flange - $75
-Mk5 2.0t FSI dual nozzle install kit - $130
-Mk5 2.5 5-cylinder throttle body flange - $75
-Mk5 2.5 5-cylinder dual nozzle install kit - $130

Match it up to a Snow performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler - $399 - and enjoy improved detonation control, cleaner valves and smoother, more reliable performance year round. Best of all with new optional safety control devices, you can run foot-to-the-floor knowing that if you run out of juice or the system isn't working properly the system will dump boost, saving vital engine parts.

Give us a call at 410.994.0000 / 1.877.German.1, or as always you can order online. :thumbup:
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