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Did you "call" his announcement or just the first to post? F1 is "turned upside" now! A lot of questions to be answered ahead of 2017.
No, just came in here soon after seeing the headlines. Certainly surprised to see Nico retire, but after reading his post I can understand why. I am very curious to see who ends up in his seat next yr...perhaps Bottas. Williams needs the cash.

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I'm a bit conflicted by "this"....

Good for Rosberg for finally achieving what he's been trying to achieve racing wise.....becoming WDC AND beating Hamilton. It's just a bit melodramatic for racing fans I guess. Certainly not for him. He doesn't have to really answer to anyone. And that's also good for him.

He no longer needs to concern himself with the new car, the new regulations, Hamilton, Max, etc. I dunno.... The competitive side of me is disappointed, however. Maybe, deep down inside, I wanted to see Rosberg have to defend the title.....especially with a relatively clean sheet of paper. Then, with Team Mercedes, we'd get to see who was better st sorting out the new car and getting the most out of it. Now? Hmmmm.....not so much.

Maybe two or three years after my son was born, I stopped taking my 125cc Rotax out to PBIR.....partially because I felt guilty spending time away from him, especially at a time when he couldn't possible understand. But I also wasn't making millions....at the top of my game.....driving the best equipment...with arguably the best driving job in motorsports....doing what I absolutely LOVE doing.

Rosberg's passions now are CLEARLY outside the cockpit! I can respect that....

Time to move on. Let's get someone in that seat that actually wants to be in it (apparently 80% of the current field) and doesn't mind a wee bit of competition...;)

Mercedes is in a conundrum for sure.

Someone young and inexperienced (Werhlein) jeopardizes WCC points
Someone young and experienced (Max) is HIGHLY unlikely and would cost a fortune
Someone older and experienced (Alonso, Vettel, Button) is somewhat unlikely land would cost a fortune
Bottas? Who knows......

Lauda says they will pick someone "better" than Rosberg.....(I'll resist.....lol)

This is gonna be good.....:popcorn:

Btw, anyone hear the sound of the Ferrari in testing? Sounds pretty awesome!!!
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