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Niello has a toureg

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Was picking up some parts and saw it on the the so I had to hop in and check it out. Normally they are about $35K, but this one had nav and some other goodies, so it was about $40K. Seemed nice on the inside. Plenty of space, well laid out. First thing I do is check the cigarette lighter to see if it is the "electric torch" (led flashlight), but it wasn't.
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Re: Niello has a toureg (Zoso)

Ya roseville has one too... they are going to put a caractere body kit on it lol. Looks pretty sick though, I like the way it feels on the inside.
And did you see the freakin brakes on the front of that car?? geezuz...
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Re: Niello has a toureg (Shznits1.8T)

ya i was looking at em today aswell. they have 2 at sonnen of marin, and looked like one couple was planning on buying one when i got thier
Re: Niello has a toureg (Longboarder)

I saw one driving around yesteday, havent seen the inside really well, but it looked damn good!! wish i could say the same about the porsche
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Re: Niello has a toureg (2manvr6)

ima go to da dealer just to check that toureag out
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I saw one last weekend on hwy 152. and I was like damnnnnnn out of breath and sweaty [palms!
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