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.:Ninjapants Master Project Thread – The life of a GLI:.

Sister Thread: Ruby Red Revival
To Begin: This is to be a master thread for the continued project my car seems to be. Don’t expect brilliant pictures of the build, I only have a point and shoot. As time passes I will continue to use this thread for updates, photo shoots, projects, mods, etc. As this is intended to be a master thread, please be civil, try to keep it on topic, and generally just don’t get my thread locked please. Also don’t be surprised if I forget to put **** in… I’m sure I’ll need to add stuff as we go.
History: In my senior year of high school in 2003 I began looking for my first vehicle. Right in my neighborhood I found a black Mk3 Jetta GL 5 spd. Basic car but I instantly fell in love with it. The car just felt great. I was instantly in love with VWs. Fast forward to later that year and an inclement weather accident left the car totaled. I was devastated but still owed money on the car so I was stuck with a loan and no car. I payed off the loan and was given a 93 Pontiac Grand Prix. What a POS. As 2006 came around I had a new better paying job and saved up during the summer. Sure enough the Pontiac failed me and was worth nothing so I took the plunge. Driving through town one day I saw a Mk4 BMP GLI. I wanted one right there and then. Found one in NYC and got myself a loan, took a train to NYC and checked out the car. It had a few mods such as exhaust and a chip. I bought the car in August of 2006 with roughly 23k on the clock. I hit the modding scene hard and soon found myself here to the Vortex. Attended WF13 and H20 ’07 and met many of you and had a fantastic time. Soon I found myself tighter for money though and trying to finish up my schooling. The car definitely took a back seat and has unfortunately had some rough times. So here I sit now, reinvigorated by my car and ready to get the poor thing in proper shape.
Current Specs:
Revo Stg. 2
K&N Cone w/ heatshield on MAF
GHL 2.5” Turboback
VF Engineering Dogbone Mount
4 bar FPR
Short Shifter
Dahlback DV
Custom subtle boser
Badgeless grill
Hella smoked tails
e65 AMG projector Retros w/ 4k HIDs
Debadged rear
42dd license plate leds
Cheap ass boost gauge on A-pillar mount
Lit Vents
Euro Switch
Full set of 42dd interior leds
The Plans: So after 2 years of disappearing from the scene I’m back. The car needs some love. A good details interior/exterior/engine is definitely needed but that will come in time. Here are some of the things that over the winter I accumulated to or have had and need to get on the car:
OEM Black cloth armrest
AGN Valve cover
Lots of sandpaper
Some ideas
Basically the main idea is to get everything back in shape. This is what needs to be done:
Install parts
Polish everything on hand and everything I can get to in the bay over time.
Refinish RC’s and polish them
Open the headlights and do repairs and touch ups
Fix a few paint defects around the car
Fix the slow coolant leak at the turbo

Fix the boser
GET COILS –(They will come this summer once my hours pick up)
I’m sure there’s plenty more that will need to be done or stuff I’m forgetting….
The whole theme of the car is going to be a black/smoked and polished look.

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Re: .:Ninjapants Master Project Thread – The life of a GLI:. (ninjapants)

Keep it up! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: (Shinex1)

Quote, originally posted by dlsolo »
Looks like a good start for a good project! Keep us all posted as things progress...

Quote, originally posted by Veedubgli »
Keep it up! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Hahaha yea... lots to do
Quote, originally posted by Bork »
your car is gay
your gay
this is gay
its all gay

Quote, originally posted by JettaGetUpandGo »
Boser? I see no boser...

Quote, originally posted by Shinex1 »
Looks good. The rear looks clean without the extra emblems. Glad to see you haven't gone to the dark rice side!

Hahah yea that stage didn't last very long, unfortunately it was right when I got the car and was big in to the scene so I have lots of pics of it
Quote, originally posted by GLIgeorge »
nice progress over time http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif sounds like youve got some nice plans

we'll see how see looks come H20, it'll be my first show since 07

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Re: (ninjapants)

So I've been thinking of polishing the RCs for some time now. There was decent amount on rash on 3 out of the 4 wheels and one was so bad I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fix it without putty. Well just for ****s and giggles I got out some sandpaper and tried to see if I could get rid of the rash without losing too much of the lip in the process.
Well this is what I got:

Looked pretty good and though it may not be perfect it's good enough excuse for me to polish them, especially since they needed refinishing badly. So this morning I went and got supplies and got to work.

Started by removing the valve caps and taping up anything I didn't want paint stripper on.

Make sure you have proper protection when using this stuff, I got a single drop on my arm and didn't realize it, sure enough, soon my arm is burning like crazy and I'm running to find water. The fumes are really harsh too.

Poured some stripper in to a can to make painting it on easier

Damn this crap is think and nasty

Applied a coat to the wheels and before I was done paint was already bubbling

Waited for the stripper to do some work and had one, or two.... or three of these

Cleaned off the stripper and applied another coat

After the third coat

So that's where I got to today. Tomorrow I'll pull out the other wheels and start on them. I found that the paint and especially the billion layers or primer, literally almost 1/32th of an inch thick, don't wipe off with the stripper super easily but are soft and with a little light scrubbing of some fine steel wool it comes of easier. Tomorrow should go a little smoother. Luckily though I have plenty of time since while the hotel is closed for the next month and i'm on unemployment until we reopen. We'll see where tomorrow gets us, though it may just be more paint stripping since I need to also do work on the bug. Which speaking of, the thread for all the work on the beetle will probably be up tomorrow. I think I'll gone on long enough for one day....

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Quote, originally posted by oldschool eighty8 »
car looks good
where in maine did you live?

I spent the first 18 years of my life in the Biddehood. Then my mom moved to mass and my dad moved to Arundel so in between college I was living in Arundel with him and working at Poland Spring in Hollis and Federal Jack's down the Kennebunkport.
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