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Hi, everyone,
I'm new to the group. I've been around VW's for long, but until now I've been more into aircooleds. I have a beetle and a thing. I recently got a "Pointer Station Wagon". I think it's similar to the Fox in layout but i'm not sure. In Brazil, where it comes from, It's called a Gol or a Parati. It has the 8v 1.8 liter, with a claimed 98hp. It's supposed to have sequential MPFI. The car is a nice driver, since it's relatively light and the motor has good torque, around town it's fairly quick, as long as one works the 'box. I've done some chassis and brake mods, but now I'm looking under the hood.
In the future, I want to put in the 2.0 liter from the Pointer GTI, rated at 122hp. It should be a straight swap. I'd very much like a 1.8t, but this car has a longitudinal engine with some weird gearbox I hadn't seen, so I don't know how feasible that would be. Anyway, right now I'm looking at a ZEX nitrous kit, but I'm wondering how suitable it is for what I want it. As much as I'd like a faster 1/4 mile, my main interest is top end. Here in Mexico, toll highways have pretty much no speed limit for fairly long stretches, and I'm getting sick and tired of eating the dust of 2.0 Jettas and Honda Civics (nice cars both, nothing against 'em) going uphill, so I was wondering, can I use nitrous in fifth gear, say from 3500 rpm on up for some 20 secs of uphill climb?
Sorry for the length, hope this is in the right forum,
Thanks in advance for any advice, it will be much appreciated,
Roberto Carlos
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