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NJ/PA get together

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Well, it looks like my idea of a get together is cursed. The release date for Blackhawk Down is now late 1Q02, although there will be a select, limited release in December to qualify for the Academy Awards.
If there's any interest in getting together at the Ruby Tuesday's at the Wal-Mart Plaza in P'burg (actually Lopatcong Township, I believe. Also, that's Philipsburg for you non-locals ... NOT Pittsburg.) some night in December, let's post good dates. Anything works for me. It helps to be unemployed.
We can always do another get together when the movie is released.
How do Friday/Saturday nights December 9, 10, 16, 17 work for people?
If there's still an interest, whatever is most popular will win.
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Re: NJ/PA get together (jebglx)

TTT. Anyone?
The 6th or 7th may be o.k. I may go golfing in CT to use up the rest of my membership points for 2001. I should know soon. But, I may go the week of the 10th instead.
p.s. I actually have a job interview tomorrow.
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Re: NJ/PA get together (jebglx)

I'm really getting in to this unemployment thing. I can certainly see why people retire. I don't understand the people that don't want to retire for fear of what they'll do to fill their day.
I've been golfing a couple of times a week, and I just bought new skis on Tuesday.
I know someone that retired from FDA a few years ago. I saw him at a meeting after he retired, and I asked how retirement was going. He said that he really doesn't know how he ever found the time to work.
As an aside: he's an interesting story. He could be rich, but his grandmother or great-grandmother pissed away the family fortune when she was widowed. It was her money, and she was entitled to spend it as she wanted. She was spending money at such a phenominal rate that the individual handling her finances wanted a notarized letter from her for him release funds. She was spending the fortune so quickly that he felt everything pointed to his embezzeling funds and he wanted the letters to protect himself ... no individual could possibly be spending money as fast as she was.
My interview tomorrow is with an excellent company. But, I'm not sure about the level of the position. We'll see.
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