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car will turn on fine...idles at 1200 doesnt jump around. Has no pedal/throttle response when on the gas. Cleaned the throttle body, unplugged the MAF..got it scanned today following codes came up

P2128 throttle/pedal position sensor/switch E circuit high input
P2123 throttle/pedal position sensor/switch D circuit high input

From everything I've read it sounds like its the throttle position sensor...has anyone had any experience with this?

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Yep, that is most common problem when it comes to no throttle response.
Try to do adaptation of Kick down cable ,if it says error ,then your ECU is bay,bay.

[01 - Engine]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 063
Activate the Basic Setting.
Press the pedal to the floor and hold it their for at least 2 seconds.
Observe Field 4, once the adaptation is successfully done it should show "ADP. O.K.".
[Done, Go Back]
[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]
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