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Its 3 am.., er almost 4 am
I have been without my car a damn month now...actually a month and 5 days.
Some of u know i was hit in an intersection by a careless guy running a red light. I call like every 2 days..all i hear is "oh its being painted" "oh we forgot to order a part" I was going to just get a WRX..or a RSX...and leave VW behind...but being without ANYTHING to drive is making me rethink things.
I will more than likely be selling my Jetta unless I get some mondo insurance settlement... I was going to find me an mk3 gti...and 1.8t swap the sucker.
Then after the wreck and my airbags not deploying I started being upset at just having a FWD car..and not a RWD or an AWD...but...I miss my car sooo much now that I don't think I care...i want something reliable, fast, sporty...and that was my jetta. I hope I get her tomorrow..they said the parts should have come in today (tuesday when i called them).
*Sigh* sorry for ranting... I'm off to the mk3 forum to drool at gtis like i was 2 months ago.
Be Safe peeps http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: No boost for over a month (g0dl355)

it takes time to get a masterpiece back to full life.. be patient.. the fact that you are thinking about other cars doesnt help your original cars life.. i mean how would you feel if your girl was thinking about other guys when she was getting a nose job???
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