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No cat. Big difference???

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I'm thinking about taking off the cat, but I've heard rumours that it does some type of power surge or something like that. Something to do with the computer not reading the O2 sensor properly or something.
How much faster do you guy's think it would run with no cat?? 1-5 BHP upgrade??? I'm trying to squeeze the cheapest BHP out of this thing because I want to be a solid contender in the mid 16's without spending any $$$$.
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Re: No cat. Big difference??? (GTR John)

Careful, you can get bashed for polluting our precious air!
(You can probably get a few more horsepower out of the car, but you need to weld/bolt on a straight pipe - if that is free for you - cool)
Never heard of my power surge, but then again, I have a high-flow cat with O2 sensor...
Re: No cat. Big difference??? (WannaCorrado)

You have your cat in??? If you have it in, you won't feel it, but I've heard that if it's out, your computer reads the O2 sensor wrong and it acts weird sometimes.
Re: No cat. Big difference??? (GTR John)

If that's true then just pull your O2 sensor out, seal the bung with a bolt, and see if you feel "the surge". I cannot see how this is true since your O2 sensor reads the air mixture before it even gets into the catalytic
Don't believe the hype John. An engine has it's limitations and you are simply not going to see great horsepower increases by opening up your exhaust. If that were true we would all be running around with open headers. Read more into exhaust systems, especially for non-aspirated engines, and you will soon realize that there is a necessary amount of back pressure/scavenging needed from an exhaust system to make your engine work most efficiently.
Also remember the motorsports adage ......"speed costs money"

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Re: No cat. Big difference??? (CarlosFL)

Your right, CarlosFL, but I'm not going to go out and buy stuff for this car. My dad owns a local car shop so If I was serious about this ride, I would'nt hesitate in dropping a turbo system in it at all, but I would'nt on an auto. I was thinking that if I was going to buy something cheap for power, I would just go for like a 50 shot of NOS, but I'm just worried about the tranny because it's already slipping slightly. I'm pretty sure there should be some improvement with the removal of the cat, and hell it would sound WAY better.
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