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managment = 034efi
injectors = 310cc
motor = aba 8v
I have ignition, I have air, but I don't think i have fuel.
fuel pump turns on, the fuel lines get pressure.
there is continuity (checked with a multimeter) between my battery Neg. and my designated positive side of my injectors, so i know my injectors are grouned.
The injectors were used before so i know they work.
What should my voltage across my injectors be from the pulse of the ECU?
injector configuration table
inector, Phase angle
Any Ideas

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Re: (euro_racer16v)

Quote, originally posted by euro_racer16v »
get a noid light to see if you are getting any juice on your injector plugs.

Or if you dont have any noid light you can use bulbs from a christmas tree .No joke it works and its a cheap alternative.
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