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No Speedo
Fuel gauge goes crazy like it's sloshing around..
Coolant light comes on in 2 clusters..
But in 3, this all happens !!
I tested in reverse, going to a 2.0 unfortunately but from there it seemed my cluster worked just fine..
How do I check the VSS speedo?
And what could make the fuel gauge go crazy?
I did just recently pull the whole dash and fuse block to mend a problem but the only loose connectors I have are single wire yellow plug with red whire and a singe wire blue plug with a red wire with black stripe !!!
Anything to look for?
I check the VSS for reading between 1 and 3 and got null
But between 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 I got 7 volts or so..
I know my Cam Posi Sensor is out but that's getting replaced soon..
Any help guys? Thanks !

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You need to get a wiring diagram for for your cluster and trace the wires back to the senders. It obvious if you've tried other clusters that, thats is'nt the problem.
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