Between 1967 and 1983, the closest the New Orleans Saints came to a winning season was two 8 and 8 seasons. The team was so bad that fans wore bags over their heads . But they kept showing up.

There’s something beautiful about people who are so in love with their team that its record doesn’t really matter. And I think that’s what I like most about this Tik Tok, which taught us that dedication is spelled S T A N C E.
@cculturee roketbony #xyzbca #fyp #static ♬ original sound -

Whatever you think of stance like this, you have to respect the dedication. You don’t have to be inside the car know exactly the stress emanating from the driver’s seat and the embarrassment and the pain that come from hearing the bumper scrape.

But here’s the thing. This person knows exactly what they love about their car and it was never practicality.

h/t CarScoops