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noisy g'box.. any history ?

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I have a 2000 GL 1.6 Manual Golf (Aust.), has around 38K's on it. I've noticed in the last few weeks a hig pitched squeal on takeoff which i'm thinking is the release bearing pooping itself, however, the last few mornings i've noticed what sounds like chattering bearings from the g'box when i coast. ie. take my foot off the accelerator in 1st or second and coast (overrun).. is there any experience of problems with the g'boxes on these cars.. do they end up getting noisy.. is this normal.. or should i take the thing back and swap it for a GTi
i'm used to alfa's that rattle.. not break
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Re: noisy g'box.. any history ? (billgti)

quote:[HR][/HR]well squeaks and rattles is sth that comes standard w/ VWs. be thankful that your glovebox is not broken, i heard the hinges break easily. but then that might just be for US vw models, not sure.[HR][/HR]​
I think he means his gearbox (AKA transmission) not glove box! You guys kill me.
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