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Hey fellas, been stalking for a while but decided to post... bought my '97, 2.0 5-sp, 89K miles at the end of September 2007, and quickly logged 20K miles over the next 8 months. Have averaged 34 mpg, with a best ever over 3800 miles of 37.5 from NY to Key West and back. I've always loved the air cooled VW's, and this is the first water-cooled I've had experience with... I'm happy to say when I move up to a new TDI, this MKIII won't be going ANYWHERE. Only alterations I've made were a new driver's side lock cylinder (typical), new FREE seats, fore and aft from a junkyard to replace collapsed front buckets, and VW rims/ tires ( the 3 hubcaps the car had when I bought it drove me up a wall.) After spending 10 years loving big, loud, American V8s, I've had an awakening. A VW will always sit in my driveway, and this car rocks my world.

With my Olds

At the camp site in Key West (without rims)
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Re: ([7one8]VDub)

In due time... when the MKIII moves out of "only working car at the moment" and "everyday mover" duties she'll see some more mods. Right now its slow and steady.
Re: (DukeDKT442)

some one once said "lower it or we will kill you"
i think your based on how low your car is in this forum.
hello also. your gonna love this place
Re: (DukeDKT442)

Oh and that whitish blotch in the rear bumper on that side profile shot is wax from my last waxing... rear bumper on that side is rough, and the wax is caught. I'm no expert detailer... any ideas on how to bring it back, without a repaint?
Re: (DukeDKT442)

nice cars! What engine is in your olds? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (konrad_mk3)

Thanks man... '86 442 with a .030 over 307 (312) with a new top end... too bad the bottom end decided to let go after putting it back in. Was good enough to run 14s when it ran. Had it since I was 16. Unfortunately that pic shows the worst sides of BOTH cars. That car's been mothballed for now, the VW is my main project/daily driver/man-love affair.
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