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I'm trying to make a children's book for my daughter. I haven't painted something in water colors since I was a 10, so this is all new to me.

Below is a picture I did of one scene. Too many scenes from the book are rainy, grey skies. So went back to one I had finished and wanted to make this panel more cheerful, so I added a sunset. It still didn't look impressive, so I tried adding some clouds and making a bit of a reflection on the bottoms in orange. Then I realized it didn't look very realistic, so I tried blotting out some of the orange with a napkin and wound up with a bunch of orange dots going across the page in a row, which I think look silly.

Does someone have a suggestion for how to improve the sky, perhaps covering up these spots with something else? Should I just paint over it with a bunch of clouds going across the page and, if so, what colors would be appropriate?

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