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yo, am new to this scene so i want to learn all i can so i and graduate from being a noob. So, am going to ask a few question to get started and i hope you guy can give me the best advice out there. Here it goes......:p

1. My friend is selling his golf mk3 2.0L for cheap, but am feeling like i want to save more money for a gti. So i just get the golf, cuz he's selling it for cheap and only minor thing that wrong, whereas am taking a risk on craigslist......:sly:

2. Are there California legal intake online for golf, if so can some one give me a link.

3. What size tires do you guys recommend for golf or gti. I herd that 14'-16' is good.

4. are their turbo options for the golf?

5. Are some euro parts compatible with the US? just curious.

- thanks for the help, i look forwards to learning more vw and its cars
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