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hello my name is matt. im new to VW vortex. i have a 1.8T gti and just today finished putting my stock K03 back on. the reason i took it off is because the turbo bolts came loose and one broke off. the turbo started leaking so i figured it was the bango bolts on top off the turbo where the coolant and oil lines connect and it showed signs that it was leaking form the crush washers. well i sent the turbo of to a machine shop to get the broke off bolt out which they did and i got all new gaskets and parts at work from VW.
Like i said i finished putting the turbo on today but when i started it up the turbo was pouring anti freeze. so i figure that if i have to take it off again im gonna go BT. so basically i need help finding a good BT kit. would you go T3s60 or Gt28rs? any help (like web links or recommedations) would be appreciated
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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