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This thing blew past me like i was standing still....and i was doing 90 mph.

Sweet MK2 VR6!!

Another shot of that blue wide body

Not sure exactly what this is.....S2?? it was Quattro!!

heres the only Z Threeezy in the Heeezy

Sweet Jetta...looks familiar.....but i dont knw whos it is.

This car owns you.....and it runs on Pepsi!!

Some dish...

Sweet Mk3 GTI.....and the engine is......Audi 1.8T!! Finally got to see one of these hybirds in real life...looks phat.

One seriously low Mk2 GTI. Look closely at the second pic....can you see the plastic rudding off?....!! and the tire rub.

Both of these cars are riding on 19s.

Sunset on a perfect day...
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