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Normal sub box or stealth box - Advice!!!

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Already have an Alpine type R10" sub in a normal box enclosure (sounds great), however I would like more boot space and have seen a website that supply stealth boxes,,
The boxes fit on the nearside of the boot between the strut and the tailight, the box is made out of glass fibre back and MDF front..

If I change my sub into a stealth box, will it sound just as good - better or worse,,, as I don't want it to sound sh*t..
If any one has had any experiance with these, any advice would be appreciated..
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Re: Normal sub box or stealth box - Advice!!! (Mosley)

Hi Mosley,
I recently asked for advice regarding compact subwoofers in my 2001 Jetta. Ruffies and nimhrat responded with some very useful tips ( http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=237937 ). If you do not want to go for more traditional sub box enclosures, several manufacturers build stealthy boxes.
I don't know if these are available in the UK, but they're worth a try.
MTX makes the Thunderform shaped enclosures. I don't know if they have something for MkIII Golfs. http://www.mtxaudio.com/caraudio/products/enclosures/JETTA10.cfm
JL Audio makes one for the Golf III but can be pricey. http://www.jlaudio.com/stealthbox/golfIII.html#
Re: Normal sub box or stealth box - Advice!!! (Mosley)

I built a full amp rack and sub enclosure into the wheel well....no spart but I regain all my boot space...see signature for pictures..
Re: Normal sub box or stealth box - Advice!!! (Mosley)

mosley...hey i was looking through the car audio forum and thought you might be interested in my mkii forum thread.
Re: Normal sub box or stealth box - Advice!!! (brutefungus)

i made an enclosure that fits between the wheelwell and the tail lights on both side of the trunk in my jetta, i love it, looks great, sounds great, and i get mad trunk room, heres a pic:
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