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Went on a hunt for parts for a deal that fell apart. Had more NOS stuff than I realized and add to that a recent score had me going thru to see what I had.

This is just a sample of what I have. Prices are somewhat negotiable. Unless otherwise noted, these are real deal NOS vw parts. some parts are dirty due to poor storage but I'm more than happy to grab better photos. A lot of these parts came from a closed dealer local to me. I still have a couple of boxes of rubber to dig thru, so let me know if you're looking for something. Willing to work a better deal if you buy a pile, just easier than shipping to 100 different people.

also have a tube of NOS belt line molding I have yet to go thru, some black, some black/chrome and some in good used shape (minus the double sided tape that will need to get cleaned off. P/M is best so i get the notification, I'm rarely in here much anymore but will do my best to keep track

NOS 2 door door seals 200/pair

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18 Show Content

2 door and 4 door scrapers. I have a full set of each (only 3 of each in the photo) 4 door 45 ea 2 door 65 ea 1 2 door window channel (poorly stored) cut to fit for 4 door 45 for that and vent window felts 30 ea


NOS rabbit rear hatch glass seal SOLD



aftermarket but REAL nice rabbit rear hatch seal and jetta trunk seal BOTH SOLD

NOS front turn signals SOLD


random bin of mixed NOS and good used rubber seals, grommets, pins and clips. some NOS remote mirror base gaskets in there. let me know what you need and we can go from there. ask, I probably have it



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