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Hello world,

We are the happy owners of a new 2019 Alltrack, and wanted to share a positive product review of an cool front plate mount from a fellow VW enthusiast. I love the front bumper of the Alltrack and couldn't bare the thought of having it drilled. We requested to take delivery without the front plate mounted, and I immediately ordered the TRU v2 from Novustech.ca.

Novustech: Uncertain if the TSI/GTI kit would be right for my Alltrack, I reached out to Ioan and recieved fast, thorough and helpful responses. Upon ordering, shipment was affordable and quick. Being in Canada - it was awesome to support a local business, but shipping is available to wherever you're from.

TRU v2: While listed officially as a TSI/GTI fit, I can confirm this thing is PERFECT for the Alltrack. The latest version actually looks a little different (optimized even further?!?!) than the pics on the webpage. The parts are all beautifully machined and finished in black, they fit together perfectly, and exceeded my expectations for quality, adjustability, and robustness. If you can dream a position on your front grille for your plate - you can mount it there with this setup. It allows fitment anywhere along the grille, in the case of the Alltrack, works perfectly with the honeycomb grille pattern thanks to it's adjustable design, and then allows you to tweak the elevation of the plate vertically to your desire. It tucks in very tightly, and does not interfere with front PDC sensors (unless you mounted it very high - then it might - but hey that's on you). It comes with a full set of heavy stainless hardware, and little poly washers to protect your plate.

I tried a couple different positions until settling on this which I'm loving. Tight and right looking - with just a little bit of "hmmm...what's different about that Alltrack?

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