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nuespeed 1.1 bar chip

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hey fellas,
now i know this topic was discussed a little while ago but i can't find it anywhere... does anyone have one of nuespeeds 1.1 bar chips installed???
how is it compare to my current GIAC chip??? the reason why i am thinking of changing is that i think velocity may have flown the coupe and either moved or shut down.... i have been trying to call them for 2 weeks now and no answer.... i went over there during normal business hours and they were closed..... and if they have closed down... my support for GIAC closed with it.... i am pretty sure it'll be ok but still i have been wanting an upgrade for it for a while now.....

so any info would be greatly appreciated... thanks
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Re: nuespeed 1.1 bar chip (BEAU-SOF)

If you're interested in info on Velocity goto the Socal Forum. There was a long discussion about what happened to them. As for Neuspeed I have no insight. Just that you will get alot of people saying NoSpeed is crap. But I like em

Also I'd throw Upsolute into the Chip Mix. But thats just me

Lanny RULES!!!!

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Re: nuespeed 1.1 bar chip (BEAU-SOF)

quote:[HR][/HR]can you give me the link for that socal forum... what happend to them??[HR][/HR]​
Re: nuespeed 1.1 bar chip (HK_PREDATOR)

Roger Tell the guys someone Named HK_PREDATOR sent me.
Sorry couldn't Resist
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