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Hi all, trying to register my '93 Cabriolet in NY. It's currently titled in Ohio with a rebuilt salvage title, under it it says "Not Actual Miles". I got the car, Ohio registered it without issue and I assumed all was well. Got the car to NY, sent my paperwork in and they're refusing to register it without a Sheriff Inspection because it was a rebuilt car that had "major damage disclosed" at some point in it's history. They sent me a form to fill out where I have to point out all of the areas of the car that sustained damage, list all of the parts that were replaced, and provide receipts for the parts & labor.

I've been all around the car and haven't noticed any obvious signs of previous damage, so I ran a carfax and apparently in 2016 an odometer discrepancy was reported. It changed hands a few times with this denoted under each ownership:


That's it, no details about any damage, nothing about it being registered for the next two owners.

Then on owner 8 who I purchased the vehicle from it has this:


As you can see it was actually issued a rebuilt title and there was a loan or lien reported at the same time. It was also finally registered again in September 2017.

I don't think the car was ever wrecked, and have no idea why it actually has a rebuilt title. Has anyone ever encountered this before? Has anyone gone through the NY inspection process? I clearly can't provide receipts for damage if damage never actually happened so I'm at a loss.
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