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NYC swap meet... part 2

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not that there was a part 1, but i didnt want to continue that thread...
anyway, i've got all these A2 parts that I need out of my garage, too many to list idividualy.
so all the other packrats/part hoarders/junkyard owners that are down for meeting up somewhere to swap/trade, buy, sell parts, please chime in, and let me know where you think would be a good place to hold this, I'd rather not incorportate it into an already establisted meeting like FMFT or wherever else has been planed already.
if anyone needs any A2 stuff, reply and i'll tell you if I have it...
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Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (JNXtheband)

Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (JNXtheband)

i only have parts from an 85 gti
but i have every little part
Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (needaveedub)

im down, i got MK4 stuff all around
oettie grill, hella headlamps, gti springs/shocks, eyebrows
Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (JNXtheband)

I'd be up for getting rid of some extra MKIII stuff.. extra guage cluster.. manafold etc..
Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (H2oVento)

ok now we need a MK 1 guy
Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (JNXtheband)

i got tons of a1/a2 crap laying around that are just begging not to hear my parents complain about to me. sometimes the parts laugh/cry too! sometimes i hear them exchange stories about when they were on their respective cars.

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Re: NYC swap meet... part 2 (MUNICH_VR6)

cool now lets get this ball rolling, Locations? anyone?, I really suck at this part...
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