After the enthusing previews in Detroit, Geneva and Paris, the definitive version of the Bugatti EB 16-4 Veyron, the latest work of art of the old and prestigious manufacturer of Molsheim in Alsace is presented at the 60th Auto Salon in Frankfurt. O·Z participates in this exceptional event, with the production of the standard rims of this unique sports car.

Machiavelli is a compact rim crafted in aluminium, that combines the sportsmanship and beauty of the car with great coherence. Twelve spokes, overlapping in groups of six, that glide softly towards the centre of the rim, to encounter the hub cover, featuring an engraving of the trade mark EB. The ends of the spokes terminate on the edge with circular inserts in aluminium with the prestigious logo, applied by hand. The material used for the crafting, a special alloy of AsTm 6151 aluminium, tempered with the T6 method, accentuates the racing performance of this rim which must withstand speed above 400 km an hour and acceleration from 0 to 300 km/h in less than 14 seconds.

The designers have dedicated particular attention to both the elegance and the constant ventilation of the rim, which is exposed to thermal stress during braking, due to the mass of the car.

After the mechanical crafting the rim is polished and finished with transparent varnish that exalts the brilliance of the spokes.

The measures correspond to the tyres chosen by Bugatti for this rocket of sophistication. Front: 255x500A (equivalent to 9,5x19"), to fit Michelin 265-680 R500A. Rear: 355x540A (equivalent to 13,5x21") to mount a Michelin 365-710 R540A. The rims are equipped with PAX system, a device that enables the car to cover a distance of 200 km at a maximum speed of 120 km/h in case of puncture, without changing tyres. The internal design of the rim and the wheel balancing makes it possible to apply special valves in order to constantly control the air pressure with electronic systems, also in emergency situations.

The Bugatti EB 16-4 Veyron, with the prestigious Machiavelli, will be produced as of early 2004.

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