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Since creating its first wheels in 1971, O.Z. has established
itself as a leader in the world's light alloy wheel industry.
O.Z. is well known as one of the oldest suppliers to the
racing, original equipment and aftermarket wheel industry.
OZ produces standard equipment wheels for some of the
most exclusive automobiles in the world including Ferrari,
Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lotus.
OZ also fills the needs of prestigious automotive equipment
and body work companies like Bertone, Pininfarina, AMG,
Hartge, Callaway, Schnitzer, Cizeta and Strosek.
Some of you have always loved the Superturismo. This
wheel is obviously styled a bit differently. But as you
can see it will be signifacantly lighter than the old
Supert. Now you'll just have to be patient,
very patient.
15X6.5 4-100 ET43 OZ SUPGT 139.00 18.5 Lbs
15X6.5 4-100 ET37 OZ SUPGT 139.00

16X7 4-100 ET37 OZ SUPGT 163.00 21.2
16X7 4-100 ET42 OZ SUPGT 163.00
17X7 4-100 ET40 OZ SUPGT 253.00 20.7
21- 23 LBS
18X7 4-100 ET42 OZ SUPGT 325.00
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14-15 LBS
16X7 5]-100 ET35 OZ SUPGT 163.00 21.2 Lbs
18-19 LBS
17X7 5-100 ET38 OZ SUPGT 253.00 20.7
20-21 LBS
18X8 5-100 ET35 OZ SUPGT 325.00 24.7

18-19 LBS
17X7.5 5-112 ET35 OZ SUPGT 253.00 21.6 Lbs

20-21 LBS
18X8 5-112 ET35 OZ SUPGT 325.00 24.7

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......................all O.Z. Wheels


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