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I would like to use this thread and see what gearing people are using with their current setups and how they like them.
1.8ts and vr6's are welcome along with the diesels. I know a lot of guys running n/a vr6's favor a 3.94 r&p and a LSD of some sort. Some are running shorter third gears as well. In my previous setup I was running a 3.94 r&p with a .756 diesel 5th in my vr6 o2a an I was extremely happy with that setup. Peppy but still recieved gas mileage on the highway. Now after doing some investigating I plan to hopefully successfully change up my ccm code o2a. Specs will be
somethin like
3.38 factory ccm r&p would prob be pretty fun top it off with a quaife LSD.

What are your setups and opinions. Would like to see some dog box guys chime it too :thumbup::popcorn:
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