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OBD II VR6 into Corrado VR6?

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I need some pointers,I will be converting my current OBD I VR6 in my Corrado to a newer OBD II VR6 from a Passat GLX.
Is there anything I need to know?
I have researched a little and found that I will need the complete harness,and then might have to weed out some of the A3 front harness stuff,and keep only the engine management wiring,Also need the downpipe & catalyst for dual O2 sensors,Would I need the Passat cluster?
Lastly how to dump the Air Pump?
Thanks In Advance.
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Re: OBD II VR6 into Corrado VR6? (KinetikSLC)

Why don't you just use your current running gear and manifolds and just swap out to a low mile longblock? It's a TON easier.
To ditch the air pump just disconnect it, toss it and put a freeze plug in the head.
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