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Re: OBDI 2.0 ECU - Fair offer will not be refused! (2slo4me)

Quote, originally posted by 2slo4me »
ecu without chip = worthless

Your opinion = worthless http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Not having a good day?!
So you come and pass your unwelcome/unsolicited judgement?
I see your still on the bullsh it huh?! How soon we forget:

I know many ppl who want and need ECU's w/o chip b/c they 1. Have their own custom programmed chip. 2. Purchased an aftermarket chip 3. Want an extra laying around if current one screws up.
All that being said - keep your opinions on to yourself, and on your own page, homey. I don't come and hate on yours.
Why start something, unnecessarily - again?!

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Re: OBDI 2.0 ECU - Fair offer will not be refused! (Audi_VWOwner)

wow dude it wasnt even for all dat i didnt even know it was u sellin it otherwise i would have kept my mouth shut i just thought it was another random seller thats all....
but yea thanks for reminding me about the good ol days maybe attitude and ur way of life will take u far...
or maybe NOT http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif

on another note i see 2.o ecus with chips in them sellin for 40-60 bucks all day and u want 45 for urs with no chip i think not.....
have a great day and no im not bored im actually never bored
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