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OBDtool questions.....ignition timing

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I just got my obdtool the other day and I hooked it up to the car. One of the blocks is telling me that ignition timing is -6 degrees at idle. Is this correct? My o2 sensors are bad and it is telling me that the cat is faulty along with the evap system. If anybody knows whats going on, please let me know.
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Re: OBDtool questions.....ignition timing (Jwchan)

dude i have the SAME thing. mines -6 at idle and -36 at 2500 rpms. its not normal...
I have a few things iw anna check, but it aint norm.
Re: OBDtool questions.....ignition timing (Jwchan)

I highly doubt your timing is actually 6deg ATDC. You sure the -6 isn't just 6deg BTDC? 6deg initial advance and 36deg total advance sounds right.
Re: OBDtool questions.....ignition timing (need_a_VR6)

quote:[HR][/HR]6deg initial advance and 36deg total advance sounds right.[HR][/HR]​
That sounds right on to me
Re: OBDtool questions.....ignition timing (Jwchan)

how do you like your tool?
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