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Odd Steering Problem

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Well today my brother and I were at work when we stumbled on a 88 cabrio in need of body repair in the paper for $1400, the seller came down to $700 on the phone so my brother sent me to go look at it [gotta love having my brother as a boss]. When I get to the neighborhood, I have to do a u-turn to get to the house, and my wheel would not turn to the left AT ALL, then eventually make a clunk and it worked fine. It did this a few weeks ago once as well, only that time it was going right. Any Ideas on what could cause this? I have to drive this car back to college tomorrow, so I really hope its nothing that can't wait until I get back. When it did it the first time, I thought nothing of it, now I am a little worried since it happened again.
btw, the cabrio was JUNK, they offered to take $500 for it, but I walked, the clipper kit was good as was the top and rims, but the rest was trashed, and I ran the numbers to sell the stuff off of it then sell it to a parts yard, ran the numbers for repairing it and ran the numbers for swapping all the parts onto an 84 cabrio that I saw for $600, but I couldn't make it a cost effective swap for a car I would not have confidence in. I know I am going to regret the desision to pass on this project car soon.

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Re: Odd Steering Problem (golfSPORT95)

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Re: Odd Steering Problem (golfSPORT95)

Check the tension on your power steering belt. Mine started slipping in the rain a few weeks ago, and the steering felt like it wouldn't budge. If its not that, then you may want to inspect the steering rack and all associated hoses to make sure its not damaged.
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