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OEM CD Changer install --> Help Please

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Purchased an OEM 6 disc changer from a buddy of mine. It came from a 2001 GTI with Monsoon Package. I have a 2001 Jetta Wagon with Monsoon as well. It has a location for the changer in the back - place to mount it - but I cannot find the plugin that connects to the changer.
Has anyone got a CD changer in the back of their wagon? If so where was the connector located? I have searched high and low and I cannot find it...
Also, where in the heck is the amp? It is not in the same place as my 2001 GTI. I looked under the front seats but I may have over-looked it. I know that the wagon has Monsoon... it says so when the radio is turned on.
Anyone have any help for me???
Thanks in advance.
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