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OEM CD Changer Install Problem

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I new to this forum, but have a question.
My Fiance used to have a 99 NB with monsoon, it was totalled before we met, but she kept the changer. I just bought a 2001 Jetta with monsoon and where the changer should be, it is instead a spacer and a cable connector.
I tried to plug in the old unit, but it reads "no changer". Am I missing something?
EDIT: also after plug in there is no power to spit out the internal holder
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Re: OEM CD Changer Install Problem (KillerTomato)

Anyone? Do I need a code?
Re: OEM CD Changer Install Problem (KillerTomato)

Quote, originally posted by KillerTomato »
Anyone? Do I need a code?

I installed a factory CD changer in an '01 Jetta (bought from the classified section) . No, you do not need a code. Should be plug and play if it is the correct changer. It should have power to eject the magazine too.
Thanks for the reply, I guess the changer is trashed or incompatable. Guess im getting an ipod
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