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Here is the closest thing to an OEM+ Flapper Mod Installation I could come up with. As you all know, I am the OEM+ whore.

Yes...a $2 switch from Radioshack would do the same job....that's not the point.

Ghetto modders please stop reading now.

Flapper can only have either Stock or Loud mode with this modification.
Usual disclaimers about modding your car blah blah blah...
Not for the fainthearted or light of wallet.

Here is what you need:
1 x 1T0 927 124 9B9 = Touran/Passat 3C "FS" switch (out of Taxi)
1 x 4D0 971 636 = 6 pin terminal housing for switch
2 x 443 937 527 = 9 Pin Clip in Relay mount
1 x 191 927 841 = Relay "79"
1 x 1C0 941 597 = Relay "434"
2 x 1K0 937 530 = Clip on Fuseholder (or you can use vacant positions in fusebox, need at least one large fuse space for the Resistor)
2 x 1K0 937 555 = Clear plastic cover for fuse holder
1 x 10 Amp fuse
1 x 2000 Ohm 1/4 W resistor
1 x Old fuse with open housing on top (see picture). BMW sell these type of fuses if you can't fined one.
Various repair wires for relay terminals (see notes below)
Butt connectors or solder and shrinkwrap
Here is how it works.
Locate and cut existing ECU to solenoid 1.0mm gray/blue wire as per all previous flapper mods.
Relay 79 switches input to either stock mode or loud mode (with resistor load to prevent CELs etc).
Dash switch is only a momentary action, so you also require the "434" relay to "latch" the switch signal.
Whenever car is started it is always in Stock Mode.
If you want it Loud you simply press the "FS" button.
The small yellow LED telltale in the switch face will also then light up as well.
At night, the "FS"symbol is red like all the other dashlights, so you can even find it in the dark.

You can switch between Stock and Loud at your whim.
Once ignition is switched off, the flapper always reverts to stock mode when you restart (same as stock ESP functions etc).
If you wish, you can reverse the connections from the original flapper wire to -87- and -87a- pins on "79" relay so it will always be in Loud mode unless you press the switch.
I have quoted metric VW wire sizes. Here are the approximate US equivalent sizes.
0.5mm ~ 20 gauge
1.0mm ~ 18 gauge
2.5mm ~ 14 gauge
Terminal Pins
If you look at the new relay plate mounts, you will note there are three different size terminal pins that they use.
The relay plate only requires medium and large pins to plug in the relays for this installation.
The VW Repair wires for the different terminal sizes are:
1.0mm = 000 979 133
2.5mm = 000 979 225
1.0mm wire = 000 979 135
2.5mm wire = 000 979 227
0.5mm wire = You can buy bare terminals from Porsche - Part Number 999 650 330 00
1.0mm wire = 000 979 114 (or you can buy Porsche bare terminals 999 650 103 12)
2.5mm wire = 000 979 212
Additional clip on Fuseholder uses Medium terminal repair wires.
If you use a spare Large Fuse in the main fusebox then you need medium terminals as well.
If you use a spare small size fuse (minifuse) in the main fusebox, then you will need to use the Small terminal repair wires instead.
The FS Flapper switch itself uses repair wires 000 979 009
When you buy a VW repair wire you get a length of wire with a terminal precrimped on each end.
Power Fuse
Run new 2.5mm wire from screw terminal -87F- to your new fuse (unfused side).
Run new 1.0mm wire from your new fuse (fused side) to a new junction point that you need to create.
I have designated it the "-87F- Connection Point" in descriptions below.
I just used a VW Butt connector.
You need to run these wires from this point:
1.0mm to FS Flapper Switch Pin 1
1.0mm to Flapper Relay (434) Pin 2 and 5 (or jump feed wire at relay pins)
1.0mm to Pin 1 on 2000 Ohm Resistor mounted in Additional Fuse Holder on Additional Relay Plate
Flapper Relay (79)
Pin =Terminal=Connection
2 / 30 =Medium=1.0mm -> Join to original 1.0mm gr/bl wire cut in A-pillar.
Joins to ECU side of harness (going to engine bay)
3 / 30a = Not used in this application
4 / 86 = Large =0.5mm to Flapper Relay (434) Pin 8 and also splice to FS Flapper Switch Pin 5 in OBD harness

5 / 87a=Medium=1.0mm -> Join to original 1.0mm gr/bl wire cut in A-pillar
Joins to Flapper Valve side of harness (going to rear harness)
6 / 85 = Large =0.5mm to Earthpoint (I used Steering Column Earthpoint).

8 / 87 =Medium=1.0mm to Pin 2 on 2000 Ohm Resistor on Relay Plate
Flapper Relay (434)
1= Not used in this application
2 / 30=Medium=1.0mm jumper wire to Pin 5/56 AND 1.0mm to new -87F- connection point

4 / 31=Large=1.0mm to Earthpoint (I used Steering Column Earthpoint).

5 / 56 =Medium=1.0mm jumper wire to Pin 2 /30

6 / LU= Large=1.0mm -> FS Flapper switch Pin 2
8 / 56a = Medium = 0.5mm to Flapper Relay (79) Pin 4 / 86 and also splice to FS Flapper Switch Pin 5

FS Flapper Switch
Pin 1 & 2 are the feeds for the on/off function
Pin 3 & 4 are the feeds for the red illumination LED in switch
Pin 5 & 6 are the feeds for the yellow telltale LED in switch

Pin 1 = 1.0mm to new -87F- connection point
Pin 2 = 1.0mm to Pin 6 on Flapper Relay (434) in Relay Plate
Pin 3 = dimmer positive - join to dimmer rheostat circuit
Pin 4 = dimmer earth - join to dimmer rheostat circuit
Pin 5 = 0.5mm to Pin 8 Flapper Switch Relay (434) and Pin 86 on Flapper Switch Relay (79) in Relay Plate
Pin 6 = 0.5mm to earthpoint
Sounds complicated when you read it,, but here is a schematic I drew up:


Plug for switch

Switch mounted in my chosen location in console (I also put in a switch for some footlights). Yes... it is on the right side...thats's where my steering wheel is.

Rear of switches

Old Fuse dismantled and resistor soldered to blades

Resistor mounted in fuseholder

Resistance ...close enough

Plugged in

With cover cap installed

Everything else is just adding wires and following correct protocols when working with electrics.
Thanks to VeeRSixx, the electrical guru, for doublechecking my schematic before I hacked into my own car. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
More pictures to come once I reinstall my interior....been doing some other mods as well.

Modified by graeme86 at 2:33 AM 2-5-2010

Modified by graeme86 at 2:43 AM 2-5-2010

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Re: OEM+ Flapper Mod - this is a BRAND NEW way to do it! (graeme86)

I just hid mine out of site, but kudos for the OEM style and integrating the lighting etc. I think we need pictures of the switch lighted in both on and off modes.

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Beautiful, Graeme! I used the Passat taxi knee-knocker panel, but that's no good for RHD cars. I like that a lot, particularly since you already have other similar buttons for your fuel door, etc.
I want to redo the OEM+ flapper mod, but I sold the damn "alarm" button that I found on German eBay. If I had realized then that it was from a driving school car and absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find, I never would have sold it.

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Re: OEM+ Flapper Mod - this is a BRAND NEW way to do it! (graeme86)

wOOt for the king of OEM++ !!

I would venture to say this is the most involved flapper mod ever..

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I've been watching Graeme do these mods first hand as we live across the street from each other and he has basically created his own wiring loom for the car, it is amazing to see his attention to detail, everything he has done looks 100% factory, even more so that I had to identify some of the wire colours for him as he is colour blind

Wait till you see the other goodies he has been working on, simply amazing stuff.
Cheers Al

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Re: FV-QR (Al Walker)

Al, I only stuggle with reds greens and browns.

Here is a pic of relay plate mocked up on bench.

As you can see there are a few other mods being done at the same time. I figured it was easier just to run one big loom so everything is tidy.

The flapper relays are the two on the right on the top row. The resistor holder is at the top with the yellow and black wires coming out of it.

Shot of loom going into dash.

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