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OEM Knobs (Audi & VW) need pics!!!!!!!!!!

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OK 98 gti with de knob ripped off along with the boot. The DE knob is dope but just wondering if there are anyother cool ones ou there? Anyone know if a tt knob will work, have pics?
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Re: OEM Knobs (Audi & VW) need pics!!!!!!!!!! (odonnell)

Check out some of the Mk4 knobs in their classifieds. There are some cool ones, and folks are always selling them for cheap there.
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Re: OEM Knobs (Audi & VW) need pics!!!!!!!!!! (odonnell)

Go to the lighting forum, find a post by the TM Cullen, and click on his signature for lighting. He lives in Estonia (lucky devil to live in VW heaven, Europe...) and has a myriad of items he can get for cheap, plus he's "spot on" when it comes to shipping, though I've never personally done business with him.
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