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OEM Sideskirt Pieces

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Hey all,
Does anyone know how to install the OEM sideskirts? I bought the pieces today, and I have ten total pieces. I have (for each side) one retaining strip, 1 short fat molding, one longer thinner molding, 1 long strip and 1 cap. This times 2 for each side is 10 pieces. Any help would be great!
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Re: OEM Sideskirt Pieces (meatypopsicle)

Just out of curiosity, did you get them new from a dealer? If so, and you don't mind telling, how much was it all from the dealer?
Re: OEM Sideskirt Pieces (abtvento)

there around $180 from the dealer not counting screws and clips
2-mounting pieces for above
2-strips that 3M to the car
4-end caps

as far as installing them take the 2-large pieces FT&RR(sideskirts) attach to the car with a screw at each end only lightly tighten.
there are 2 pieces per side that connect the (sideskirts) one should have 3M tape(kinda flat)on it and the other is grooved.
take the one with the grooves and snap it on the (sideskirts) it will not be long enough to reach the ends but don't worry.
then you can put a couple more screws in the bottom but leave them loose.
take the peice with the 3M tape on it and put it into the grooved piece, line it up to make sure it is straight
pull the 3M strip off and press onto the car.
put on end caps and tighten all screws.
put screws in the end caps.
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Re: OEM Sideskirt Pieces (wuznme)

Thanks for the tips! I thought the ends had to be riveted on. I don't have any of the screws for it though.
I paid around that much (180) if you convert it to U.S. Dollars (I'm in Toronto).
What I didn't know was that there are 4 endcaps. I only got the two. Do you have the part numbers for the rears?
Thanks again
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