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Located in Italy. € 200 + shipment. Payment by paypal.

The steering wheel extender makes the original steering wheel come closer to the driver of about 5 cm, keeping all the button working (if present), also horn and obviuosly airbag. No need of mounting an aftermarket steering wheel without airbag.

Over 6" tall drivers will enjoy a much comfortable and racing driving position, with extended legs and steering wheel close to you. This cannot be achieved with the stock adjusting stroke.

Direct fit, reversible mod. Bolt on. No need of wire extending: the stock wire is long enough to be reconnected even with the spacer fitted. No problem with the steering angle sensor (if present), the kit includes splined spacer, longer bolt, rubber cover and 2 pins with nuts to compensate the steering angle sensor gap (if present).

Fits all mk1 TTs and I think youger version also, but I never tried. Fits also B4/B5 and C4/C5 A4/A6 and S/RS.

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