Few words promise German silliness like "Oettinger." The tuning house has been plying its trade on Germany’s finest cars for more than 70 years and now it has revealed its latest GTI.

The Oettinger TCR Germany Street —which, for those counting, is a remix of a car before the mix even dropped —was revealed at Worthersee this week.

To make sure the car is worthy of its name, Oettinger has boosted the power coming from VW’s 2.0-liter engine up to 355 horses and 347 lb-ft of torque, which should do nicely.

That’s good enough to get the tuner TCR to 60 in just over 5 seconds—though Oettinger refuses to get more specific than that, which is annoying. But that should (?) be faster than VW's fastest GTI (Clubsport S), which gets to highway speeds in as little as 5.8 seconds.  Yes, I know that’s also a little over five seconds but please direct your complaints to Oettinger.

Fortunately, just because this Oettinger TCR makes 355 hp doesn’t mean that your Oettinger TCR has to make 355 hp. That’s because the company has a lot of experience modifying VWs—may I refer you back to the first paragraph where I mentioned that they, in fact, have 70 years of experience—so you can buy Oettinger kits that make more than 450 hp, if that's what turns your crank.

Back to this Oettinger TCR, though. It’s rolling on 20s with the top not back . These are shod in 275/25 R20 tires and affixed to the car via a set of coilovers (Oettinger will also sell you wheels that are, perhaps, better suited to actual track work if that’s what you’re into).

Oettinger has also added 80 mm (about 3 inches) of width the car. These add some very welcome ‘80s-style box flares to the sides of the Golf.

Inside, meanwhile, lightweight sports seats replace the VW ones that came with the car. These have been embroidered to feature the TCR logo, too.

And the TCR name is more than skin deep, too. Oettinger worked with Engstler motorsport, which races the actual GTI TCR in Touring Car Series in Europe.