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Looking to trade my spare off camera speedlite setup. I bought it as a backup and used it less than six months.. actually, I bought it at the end of December, so, less than four. Good for a beginner or for a portable back up. I hated dragging my heavy strobes out to fun shoots, so these came into play. But with life as it is, I just don't use them like I hoped I would.

2x Vivitar 285HV
2x Swivel Flash Mounting Bracket
2x 43" White umbrellas
2x 9.5ft Impact Air-Cushioned Light Stands
3x Cactus v5 wireless triggers
1x Extra generic speedlite that I have sitting around

Total I paid was over $700 four months ago. Asking $500.

Looking for MK5 go fast or look good parts, partial air ride setup, 5x112 wheels (no huffs, denvers, etc..). I can put cash on top. Otherwise looking to sell outright.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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