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Off Topic, But How Does Audi CVT Actually Work ??

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This is off topic, but there seems to be some bright people in here ...
Does anyone know how this new chain driven CVT actually works? Ive read 20 or so articles so far, even the SAE article
with Reinhard Gesenhaus, Audi's Manager of Transmission Engineering, explaining it, but Im still missing something. Then I pulled the patents LuK has for the CVT and the drive chain, but it seems like it would need so much clamping force it wouldnt be very efficient...
How is the chain actually able to clamp to the variator plates and transfer power from the engine? If you look at the chain closely it has tapered pins that stick out of the side of it 1/4" or so - do these pins hook up with radial grooves on the variator plates? But if so, how would the chain be able to rotate around a varying radius - the chain pins look like they are a fixed distant apart from one another and as the chain rides farther from the center of the pulley the radial grooves would become too far apart for the chain pins to ride in so the whole thing would jam...
Im lost over here...maybe its more simple and the variator plates just squeeze the sides of the chain hard enough to grip it, but it seems like it would slip - two polished metal sufaces submergerd in ATF?. And why the protruding pins on the chain then?? Why not just build a trapazoidal chain (shaped like a v-belt) so at least you have more surface area to grip.
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Re: Off Topic, But How Does Audi CVT Actually Work ?? (A2T)

anyone care to venture a guess?
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