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Depending on the year of the vehicle certain things can and cant be done, send me a list!

Prices vary depending on what you want done, some mods will cost more than others due to its difficulty but i am offering an entire vehicle scan (troubleshooting) for $30

Services include (but not limited too)

Vehicle Scan
Airbag Faults
Driver Steering Recommendation disabling
MK6 Golf/GTI/Golf R - LED taillight coding
Foglights as DRL
Window up and down with remote
Gauge Sweep
Extended 1 touch signal (from 3 to 5)
Seat belt warning
Cornering lights
Video in motion
Hill Hold Assist
Doors to have power for a few min after opening (to allow passengers to close windows after key has been removed and door has been opened)
Heated seat memory
Emergency braking hazard flash

& much much more, just let me know what mods you want done

**NOTE** If you want certain things reprogrammed or re-calibrated (Batteries, headlights, abs module, relays and such) PLEASE HAVE ALL THE INFO ON THOSE PRODUCTS BEFORE CONTACTING ME such as serial numbers, model numbers, type, etc. AND KEEP YOUR OLD PARTS UNTIL IM DONE
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