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This thread is strictly for posting photos of the car mentioned in the title. Its purpose it to help elminate "show me such-and-such color MkV."
To keep these threads helpful for all, there are a couple things that will be done to keep them up to date.
Threads will be pruned frequently. Any posts with broken photo links will be removed without notification. If you want to avoid having your post deleted, please keep your linked photos up to date.

Threads will be closed to comments. To help with this, please post any pertinent information with your photos. If you have aftermarket wheels, please state what they are. If the car is lowered, please state what suspension system was used. In other words, answer questions before they arise. If you should be looking through a color thread and have a question about someone's car, please send that member a private message rather than posting in the thread. Any stray comments in a color thread are subject to removal without notification!

Threads will be extremely large in load times by nature. For this reason, please post only photos that display in 800x600 size or less. Photos that violate this size requirement are subject to removal without notification as well.
Let's follow the ground rules and keep these threads useful for the community. With that said, let's see what you've got!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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